Do You Love Hot Sauce On Your Food?

Most people add hot sauce to their food simply because they like the taste of it, right? It turns out that adding hot sauce to food actually has some benefits you might never have even considered before.

First, hot sauce has Capsaicin. This is a big, fancy word to describe a component of chili peppers producing a burning sensation in any tissue with which it comes into contact. You might think, “How does that benefit me?” Capsaicin causes an endorphin rush to your body which turns out to be a remedy for pain and certain medical conditions like depression. Endorphins work to block the heat causing you pain. They activate the body’s opiate receptors causing an analgesic effect. In other words, they make you feel good!

Next, Capsaicin and other things found in chili peppers (which are found in hot sauce) can also help suppress a person’s appetite (which can help with weight loss), kill off prostate cancer cells, get rid of ear infections, treat heartburn and help heal ulcers. Pretty cool, huh?

Also, if you have a stuffy head, hot sauce helps clear your sinuses. With the Buffalo-area weather the way it is, you might need a lot of hot sauce this season for that exact purpose! It can also help treat a cold, battle depression, and even reduce high blood pressure.

Finally, adding hot sauce to foods you get from Bocce Club Pizza can add some flavor and “zing” to enhance the overall eating experience. If you like your stuff “hot,” then add some hot sauce.

Did you know Bocce Club Pizza offers customers Bocce BBQ sauce or traditional ones like mild, medium, or hot? If you’re in the mood for Buffalo Chicken Wings or Boneless Wing Bites, don’t hesitate to call 716-833-1344 (North Bailey Amherst location) or 716-689-2345 (Hopkins East Amherst location) to place your order today.

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