A Tasty New Item Has Been Added to Bocce’s Menu

Pizza and wings are a Western New York staple. They work well for family dinners, football parties, and pretty much any event where you’ve got a bunch of people to feed and you don’t want to cook for all of them. Ordering pizza and wings from Bocce Club Pizza is a piece of cake– well, more like a piece of pizza, right? But every now and then you might wonder, “What else is there? Is there anything new and interesting for me to order and try?” Today’s your lucky day– Buffalo Crunch Rolls have arrived, and they’re a hit!

If you were at the National Buffalo Wing Festival this year, you should know that an innovative concoction known as the Buffalo Crunch Roll won the “Best New Product” category. If you weren’t at the festival, you might be asking yourself, “What is a Buffalo Crunch Roll?”

The Original Buffalo Crunch Roll is 100% tender white meat slowly cooked in spicy Buffalo sauce and then mixed with a bunch of cheeses. Then, it’s hand-wrapped in a crispy shell and coated with a secret recipe breading that gives it a unique crunch. It kind of looks like a chicken wing crossed with a sandwich.

The Buffalo Crunch Roll made its debut in the Buffalo area, and you can currently try them at Bocce Club Pizza’s area locations on Bailey in Amherst and on Hopkins in East Amherst. Bocce’s serves the vegetarian version with banana peppers and cheese for $7.36 as well as the one with chicken, banana peppers and cheese for a dollar extra– $8.36.

The food item, invented here in Buffalo, is likely to become a national favorite much like the beloved Buffalo wings people enjoy coast-to-coast– and internationally.

Bocce Club Pizza has been providing Western New Yorkers with delicious food since 1946. Even now, in 2016, Bocce’s continues to come up with new and interesting food items– be sure and try The Buffalo Crunch Roll.

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