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If you’ve never sampled the pizza, wings, and subs from Bocce Club Pizza, what are you waiting for? After years of preparing our signature dishes, we’ve developed a stellar reputation throughout the Western New York region. In fact, we provide nationwide pizza delivery service, so it’s never been easier to access our one-of-a-kind selection. Call or visit us today to try our delicious food. Our friendly staff looks forward to serving you!

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Be sure to browse the following section to view some of the latest Bocce Club Pizza reviews. Our dedicated team is proud to provide unbeatable chicken wing and pizza delivery service throughout the Clarence Center, Williamsville, and Buffalo, NY areas. Have no doubt, when you order one of our pies, you won’t regret it. Get a true taste of Western New York when you explore our delicious selection!

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Bocce Club Pizza, an Italian pizzeria in Western, NY has people raving about it from all over the country! If you have visited either of our Amherst locations or have gotten a pizza sent to you, please leave reviews based on pizza, wings, or anything else you have tried.


    The pizza Was Fresh and Appetizing

    “We were in search of New York style pizza while passing through Buffalo and stumbled upon this place with a small-town feel. We received excellent service from the gentleman at the front. We ordered a large pepperoni pizza and it was def large! (12 large slices) We had to ask for a box to take home the rest. The pizza was fresh and appetizing. If we are back in the area, we will stop by again for sure.”


    An Institution When it Comes to Pizza

    “This place is an institution when it comes to pizza in Buffalo. It’s usually my second stop besides home to drop my luggage off. Then it’s straight to Bocce’s for a large double pep cut in squares well done. The flavorful dough and sauce make the pizza… that and the pepperoni... how could I not mention the pepperoni? Everyone has their favorite place to get a pie in Buffalo but this will always be my top place!”


    Hands down the best Pizza Ever!!!

    “I don’t do reviews but I felt compelled. Had Bocce yesterday for dinner…. whole pizza, 20 wings. Being from Buffalo I’ve heard the great things about Bocce’s but I guess I felt you’ve had one Buffalo pizza, you’ve had them all…. I was mistaken. Hands down the best Pizza Ever!!! So good! Myself as well as the family devoured it! Absolutely delicious!”


    I will be frequenting this place.

    “One spring day I walked into my brother’s house and saw him inhaling a pizza. He turned to me, proclaimed, ‘this is the best pizza in Buffalo,’ and then returned to eating. I thought that was a rather bold statement so I had to experience this for myself. Today I now also proclaim, ‘this is the best pizza in Buffalo!’  Needless to say, I will be frequenting this place.”


    None Better!

    “I grew up on Bocce’s pizza, here in Buffalo. My earliest memories are of eating Bocce’s. I moved away 7 years ago; I’ve lived all over the East Coast and in Italy – I can assure you, there is no pizza in the world better than Bocce’s. Whenever I’m in Buffalo, I order a pie. Thanks!”


    Only Thing I Miss About Buffalo

    “Bocce’s Pizza may be the ONLY thing I still miss about Buffalo, after 35 years on the West Coast.”


    Keeping The Tradition

    “It’s been at least 10 years since I had a pie from you guys and as I’m munching away on a slice for the first time in forever, I wanted to let you know that you guys still got it! Thanks for keeping up the tradition and for giving us diasporic Buffalonians something to get homesick about! (Between you and Premier Liquor, I will always be proud to know I come from a great town!) Cheers to you!  Left Buffalo in 1977 :(“

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    Tasted like how I remembered as a Kid

    “I remember Bocce’s as a kid in the sixties… always had ‘that taste’!! By the time the late seventies rolled around, I think the quality kind of fell. I remember getting a burned pie in the early 80s and hadn’t ordered one since this past summer when my daughter left an empty Bocce box on the table! She told me how good it was so I got one…Tasted like how I remembered as a kid!”