Buffalo Bills Games Are Only Better With Bocce’s Pizza

It is that time again, football season is upon us and this year we have much to cheer for in Buffalo. Rex Ryan has come into town in a whirlwind of excitement and the Bills have a solid looking squad going into the regular season.

That means Sundays are now for watching the games at home in front of the television, with your closest sports friends, while you root on the Bills to win. All that cheering and exasperation can come at a cost for all the fans in one room. You’re going to get hungry and will need enough sustenance to maintain that high level of fandom.

Bocce Club Pizza Can Satisfy The Largest Of Bills Fans Hungers


Pizza, Wings, Pop, and appetizers always go hand in hand with watching the Bills game at your house. Get a whole Cheeseburger pizza, Jimmy’s Big Cheese Steak, or grab the Original Bocce Club Pizza. Choose from the regular style wings or the unique “over-the-pit” grilled style to spice up your meal.

Tailgating for the game and still want to enjoy a tasty Bocce’s pizza? Grab a half baked pie the day before and bake it in the morning before you leave for the day, so it will be hot and fresh once you get to Ralph Wilson Stadium.

Bocce Club Pizza has the answer for any of your football Sunday meal dilemmas. Two great locations or order online. For any information about specials or questions about our pies, contact us today!

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