The Best Ways to Eat Pizza the Next Day

Some people love cold pizza. It’s not that unusual for people to buy a fresh, warm Bocce Club Pizza one day, eat some of it, and then put the rest in the fridge. The next day, they take it out of the fridge and eat their pizza cold. It makes for an exciting breakfast, lunch or dinner the next day. In some cases, it’s the “Midnight snack,” and that’s a good a time as any, since any time is a good time to eat pizza!

Now eating cold pizza straight from the fridge is easy, right? But what about doing other things to the pizza to make it, shall we say, interesting?

How about this: take cold pizza and place it face down on a pre-heated skillet. After a couple minutes (about five) flip it over and cook the other side for a bit, too. If you want to add a little water (say two teaspoons) to the bottom of the skillet, try that, too. Do you like eggs? Try combining pizza pieces with two eggs, cheese, milk and salt in the skillet to make “pizza eggs.”

Have you ever waffle-ironed your leftover pizza? First cut off the crust. Then add some toppings to the pizza, such as tomatoes or green peppers. Fold it up and place it on the warm waffle iron for about five minutes. If you want to add some marinara sauce, go for it!

For those who like to microwave pizza, how can you avoid a soggy crust? Fill up a microwave-safe glass with water and place it near the pizza in the microwave. Heat up the pizza for 45 seconds and it’ll taste great– not soggy.

How about frying up little pizza squares such that they become pizza croutons– now those would taste great in a soup or salad. To make pizza squares, get rid of the crust and then slice the pizza into strips to ultimately create square cubes. Then, take each square, pairing them up together with the cheese sides facing each other. You can use a panini maker (or the back of a spatula) to apply some pressure to these squares to warm and fuse them together, creating pizza croutons.

Pizza is such a versatile food; it’s no wonder people love it!

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